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  • XMZ High Pressure Wing Filter Press

    XMZ High Pressure Wing Filter Press

    The reinforced polypropylene plate is moulded. Smooth surface, high strength, light weight, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, non-toxic and tasteless. The frame adopts high strength steel welding joint, high strength, stable structure and long service life. It is equipped with automatic drawing board, automatic solution, PLC automatic control, simple and safe operation, and equipped with a variety of safety devices. The guide rail of the main beam is equipped with a molded anticorrosive stainless steel track. 

  • ZP Intelligent Hydraulic Plunger Pump

    ZP Intelligent Hydraulic Plunger Pump

    The ZP Series Intelligent Hydraulic Piston pump won many patents of invention and utility model. In order to solve many problems in the waste water treatment industry, such as low efficiency, high energy consumption, complex medium situation, high pressure requirement,Sinou broke the normal design idea and adapt segmented pressure auto switch to control transmission of low pressure, high flow and high pressure, small flow. The working efficiency of filter press is greatly improved as one pump can be applied to several presses. 

  • ZP-B Hydraulic Plunger Pump

    ZP-B Hydraulic Plunger Pump

    The ZP-B series intelligent high-pressure plunger pump is a model of a new generation of energy saving, safety and environmental protection, and has obtained a number of invention patents and utility model patents. It realizes safe operation without overflow under working conditions of different displacements and pressures. Compared with similar pumps used in filter press working conditions, the energy saving is up to 50%, and compared with the traditional filter press feed pump, the energy saving is several times as much. Using segmented feed control, the feed flow and pressure are consistent with the flow and pressure required for the solid-liquid separation of the filter press, which can greatly improve the working efficiency of the filter press.

  • ZP-D Intelligent Hydraulic Plunger Pump

    ZP-D Intelligent Hydraulic Plunger Pump

    ZP-D series intelligent hydraulic plunger pump is the company's latest development of a high-efficiency and energy- saving products. The main wear - resistant parts of the product after special processing, long service life. At the same time, the circulating water for cooling and lubrication is eliminated, which greatly improves the working environment and thus achieves clean production. Compared with the ZP series with the same flow and pressure, the power is reduced by 40%. Remote intelligent control can be achieved, is the most professional and efficient filter press feed pump. Can be widely used in electroplating, printing and dyeing, chemical industry, municipal, mining and other sewage treatment industries. 

  • ZP-L Intelligent Hydraulic Plunger Pump

    ZP-L Intelligent Hydraulic Plunger Pump

    ZP-L series hydraulic plunger pump is specially designed for long-distance slurry conveying. Hydraulic driven plunger can realize high head and large flow. The pump adopts the lifting valve technology, the opening and closing of the inlet and outlet valve and the synchronous coordination of the reciprocating operation of the plunger up and down make the plunger pump run more reliable, greatly improve the delivery efficiency, reduce the operating power of the plunger pump, lower energy consumption. Suitable for conveying high concentration slurry over a long distance.