ZP-D Intelligent Hydraulic Plunger Pump

ZP-D series intelligent hydraulic plunger pump is the company's latest development of a high-efficiency and energy- saving products. The main wear - resistant parts of the product after special processing, long service life. At the same time, the circulating water for cooling and lubrication is eliminated, which greatly improves the working environment and thus achieves clean production. Compared with the ZP series with the same flow and pressure, the power is reduced by 40%. Remote intelligent control can be achieved, is the most professional and efficient filter press feed pump. Can be widely used in electroplating, printing and dyeing, chemical industry, municipal, mining and other sewage treatment industries. 

Additional Information

Product Features

1.Wear resistance: the pump body wall is processed by special technology, anti-corrosion and wear resistance, rubber piston and conveying materials without shear movement, suitable for conveying materials containing sand and solid particles. 

2. Strong self-priming ability: piston vacuum pumping, self-priming ability is 3-5 meters. 

3. High efficiency and energy saving: when the pump starts to feed the filter press and filter at low pressure, the large flow rate remains unchanged. As the pressure of the filter press increases when the cavity is full of materials, the filtration capacity of the filter press starts to decrease. The feed flow of the pump decreases automatically, and the minimum flow is 20% of the rated flow. The output flow pressure curve of the pump is basically consistent with the optimal filter curve of the filter press. The whole process is therefore efficient and energy saving, more than 40% energy saving than ordinary pump. 

4. Simple operation: pressure adjustment only needs to tighten or loosen the pressure regulating valve. After adjusting the pressure, it is locked. 

Product Structure

Product Parameters


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