• Agitator Floor Car Wash Machine

    Agitator Floor Car Wash Machine

    The agitator floor car wash machine is designed for some customers with smaller space. The car washing machine adopts Gantry structure and is installed at the gate of the cutting stock, so it does not need to occupy the extra space of the mixing station. The side of the system is equipped with a swing nozzle, which can wash the whole vehicle, the top is provided with a top spray, and the hopper of the mixer is provided with a discharge port for washing. The whole system is fully automatic control, easy to operate, powerful function. 

  • Stainless Steel Car Washing Machine

    Stainless Steel Car Washing Machine

    The automatic cleaning device of stainless steel concrete mixer is mainly composed of stainless steel frame, aluminum profile body, swing sprinkler head and high pressure water pump. Its main role is to clean the mixer inlet, wheels, chassis and body, through washing can effectively remove the soil dust and unset cement cleaning parts, to avoid mixing the body of residual concrete scattered around the impact on the environment. 

  • Gantry Car Washing Machine

    Gantry Car Washing Machine

    VC series mixer automatic cleaning device is mainly composed of spray frame, nozzle, high pressure water pump and so on.Divided into two types of Gantry car washing machine and swing car washing machine.Its main function is to clean the feed port, wheel, chass is and body of the mixer. Through washing, dirt and dust of the cleaning parts and unsolidified cement can be effectively removed, avoiding the impact of the residual concrete of the mixer on the environment.