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Carbon-Neutral Wastewater Treatment System

Carbon neutral wastewater treatment systems use carbon dioxide to treat alkaline wastewater.

1. Carbon dioxide is one of the main gases that cause the greenhouse effect. The neutralization of alkaline sewage with carbon dioxide is to chemically react carbon dioxide and the harmful components of sewage to generate water and carbonate, which are recovered and reused. It not only ensures the stability and reliability of concrete quality, but also protects the natural environment, truly achieves "emission reduction" and promotes sustainable development.

2. The carbon dioxide we use comes from the concentration and recovery of waste gas from chemical companies and energy companies, which has a positive impact on the recycling of carbon dioxide.

3. With the country's increasing emphasis on environment, environmental protection and safety and economic considerations, the use of carbon dioxide for neutralization treatment of alkaline sewage in concrete batching plants has attracted more and more attention and popularity. This method has the advantages of safety, environmental protection, high efficiency, energy saving, economy and fully automatic operation, and will definitely become the trend of industry development.

4. The carbon neutral sewage treatment system responds to the national policies of "carbon neutrality" and "carbon peaking", and makes positive contributions to "emission reduction".

5. Carbon neutral sewage treatment system, the comprehensive consumption of carbon dioxide is 1.12kg/m3, the price of carbon dioxide is 1.2-1.5 yuan/kg, the cost of water treatment per cubic meter is 1.5 yuan/m3, the power consumption of the equipment is about 0.3 yuan/m3, the comprehensive cost 1.8 yuan/m3. Compared with industrial water, it has obvious cost advantages, which can bring considerable economic benefits and product competitiveness to users.

6. The processing capacity of the carbon neutral treatment system is 50-100m3/h, which can meet the needs of different customers.

7. The PH value of the sewage treated by the carbon neutral sewage treatment system is between 6.5 and 7.5. It has been tested by a third party and complies with the "GB 8978-1996 Comprehensive Wastewater Discharge Standard" and "GBT19923-2005 Reclaimed water used as industrial water source." Water Quality Standard" and "JGJ63-2006 Concrete Water Standard";

②The treated water can be used for watering flowers, raising fish, mixing water in concrete or directly discharging. This process has won the national invention patent in 2020 and the first set of equipment in Zhejiang Province in 2021.

The significance of realizing waste water recycling and reuse

Effect Of Waste Water From Mixing Plant On Concrete Performance And Recycling

The recycling of wastewater from the concrete mixing plant not only has good economic benefits for the enterprise, but also has good social benefits.

Avoid the harm of high pH wastewater to the water used in the mixing plant and the impact on the quality of concrete, and achieve full utilization of wastewater recycling, and truly achieve zero discharge of wastewater from the mixing plant.

Technological Innovation


Green and environmentally

friendly mixing plant wastewater solution

Improve the economic benefits of the mixing plant, while reducing the environmental damage caused by sewage

The Medium Water Process Treatment System is mainly composed of electronic automatic control system, compressed gas storage tank, air temperature vaporizer, gas automatic control solenoid valve, neutralization reactor, PH high-precision online detector, radar level meter, hydraulic intelligent plunger pump , Sewage filter press and other components.