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Custom Production, meet the individual needs of customers

Due to the increasing divergence of customers’ individualized needs, in order to meet the individualized needs of customers, the company is to adapt to the changes in market demand and produce in accordance with the needs of customers.

Now the company adopts ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) in management to realize automation, digitalization and precision management, and adopts PMC production and material control (product material control) in production. Therefore, the company implements customized production. It is imperative to meet the ever-changing needs of customers with multi-specification and multi-variety production


Service Purposes

Emphasize quality and trustworthiness, make promises. In terms of after-sales service, we have established a complete customer service system, and have carried out a detailed record of each set of equipment and parts sold to ensure that we provide convenient and fast after-sales service for customers in future maintenance and repairs. , To relieve users of worries.

Regular maintenance

  • 01. Each bearing position and transmission mechanism are regularly filled with lubricating oil, and pay attention to whether the transmission part is flexible and smooth.

  • 02. Regularly check whether the fastening screws of each part are loose.

  • 03. Clean the adhering concrete on the equipment in time.

  • 04. Clean the sediment in the ditches near the equipment site every day.


Technical Consulting

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