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Strive to become the advocate and leader of the environmental protection industry

  • Sinou it's a high-tech enterprise with many patents. Since its establishment has been committedto professional development, production waste recovery, water recycling station, concrete mixer truck cleaning, dust treatment, wastewater treatment, solid waste treatment and other environmental protection equipment.

    Sinou was establishedin 2009, with a registered capital of us $8 million, covering an area of 22,000 square meters.Products are widely used in printing and dyeing,petrochemical, mining, electroplating, urban sewage and other industries.

  • The business covers more than 20 countries and regions including Australia, Russia, UK, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Greece.

    The company has always carried out the "quality management, the pursuit of change, the pursuit of excellence, the service society" the strategic policy.

    The company is environment-oriented and supports customers to gain competitive advantage and long-term development by providing all-round environmental protection services.

Company Culture

Quality management, innovative ideas, the pursuit of excellence, social services

Sinou Vision

Committed to becoming a leading company in China’s environmental protection industry

The company will develop business in diversified fields, and strive to become a domestic first-class environmental protection project general contracting enterprise, environmental protection equipment manufacturer, and a leading enterprise in the environmental protection industry;  

Through cross-industry and cross-regional development, the company will strive to improve core capabilities such as market operation, capital operation, resource integration, management control, etc., and continue to establish market competitive advantages;  

The company will continue to advance towards success, from first-class domestic to internationally renowned, and strive to win the general respect of the industry and society.

Sinou Mission

To create a better environment for the public through excellent service and innovative technology.  

(1) The company is environment-oriented and supports customers to gain competitive advantage and long-term development by providing a full range of environmental protection services;  

(2) The company will continue to promote technological innovation, create a clean environment for the society, and maximize the value of shareholders, customers and the public.

Sinou Core Value

Environment-oriented, customer first, teamwork, pursuit of excellence.

Sinou Spirit

Dedication, innovation, integrity, and cooperation.

Ten Tips for Sinou Craftsmen

A first-class craftsman, character is more important than technology.

01. It is necessary to learn to say hello often and become a person with clear morals and courtesy.

02. Must learn to be tidy and orderly, to be a clear and organized person.

03. It is necessary to learn to be accurate and not to be mistaken, and become a person with time efficiency.

04. Must learn to study hard and become a skilled person.

05. Must learn to be meticulous and be a person with a rigorous attitude.

06. It is necessary to learn to think positively and become a person with innovative ideas.

07. It is necessary to learn to strive for excellence and become a brand-conscious person.

08. It is necessary to learn teamwork and become a person with a view of the overall situation.

09. It is necessary to learn to admit mistakes and become a responsible person.

10. Must learn to drink water to think about the source and become a grateful person.



Obtained ISO14001:2015 environmental management system certification;

Obtained ISO45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification.

Developed low-pressure conveying system, reclaimed water equipment, generous amount filter press.

China's first "reclaimed water" treatment system was born, which truly achieved zero discharge of sewage from mixing plants and won the national invention patent.

Design and produce vibrating screen sand and gravel separator.

Independent research and development and production of high-pressure filter press, spray dust reduction equipment;

Won the high-tech enterprise;

Won the "Provincial New Product of Zhejiang Province" award;

Won the Jiaxing Municipal Technology Enterprise Center;

Won the Jiaxing famous brand product;

Obtained a safety production standardization certificate.

Obtained ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification.

Developed the first "CHF-2000" split type large-volume sand and gravel separator in China;

Won the Zhejiang Science and Technology SME;

Won the award of "the first set in the key field of equipment manufacturing industry in Jiaxing City";

Won the "Zhejiang Boutique Manufacturing" award.

R & D and production of intelligent high-pressure plunger pumps, won 5 national invention patents.

Developed the first domestic "Sinou brand CH-150/160" non-slope sand and gravel separator.

Zhejiang Sinou Environmental Complete Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in Jiaxing with a registered capital of 8 million US dollars and covers an area of 22,000 square meters.

The first sewage press filter purification device for mixing plant.

Independently researched and developed the first domestic concrete slurry water recycling system.

Sentai Mould was transformed into Wenzhou Sentai Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.

Successfully developed the first domestic sand and gravel separator, and won the invention patent and utility model patent.

Sentai Mould Co., Ltd. was established.


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