ZP Intelligent Hydraulic Plunger Pump

The ZP Series Intelligent Hydraulic Piston pump won many patents of invention and utility model. In order to solve many problems in the waste water treatment industry, such as low efficiency, high energy consumption, complex medium situation, high pressure requirement,Sinou broke the normal design idea and adapt segmented pressure auto switch to control transmission of low pressure, high flow and high pressure, small flow. The working efficiency of filter press is greatly improved as one pump can be applied to several presses. 

Additional Information

Product Features

1、Novel Structure: Compact structure with inner built plunger, No overflow with internal recycling of water cooling system. 

2、Energy Efficient: Adapt the design of large diameter of double hydraulic cylinder and double pump. 

3、Intelligent control---Dynamic pressure collection system control the flow and pressure. intelligently. The plunger reverse steadily, reducing shake and noise, running more smoothly. 

Product Structure

Product Curve Picture

Product Parameters


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