ZP-B Hydraulic Plunger Pump

The ZP-B series intelligent high-pressure plunger pump is a model of a new generation of energy saving, safety and environmental protection, and has obtained a number of invention patents and utility model patents. It realizes safe operation without overflow under working conditions of different displacements and pressures. Compared with similar pumps used in filter press working conditions, the energy saving is up to 50%, and compared with the traditional filter press feed pump, the energy saving is several times as much. Using segmented feed control, the feed flow and pressure are consistent with the flow and pressure required for the solid-liquid separation of the filter press, which can greatly improve the working efficiency of the filter press.

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Product Features

Anti-corrosion and wear-resistance: The plunger is made of alumina ceramics and is finely ground. The hardness is above HRC85 and the surface roughness is 0.4um. The plunger and the conveyed material have no shearing movement. Wide range of conveying materials.

Strong self-priming ability: plunger-type vacuuming method, self-priming capacity 3-5 meters. (The proportion of material determines the change in suction range).

Novel structure: three-column design, stable operation, long-term continuous work, and strong reliability.

Simple operation: only need to tighten or loosen the pressure regulating valve to adjust the pressure. After the pressure is adjusted, it will be locked, and there is no need to adjust it in the future.

Low maintenance cost: the wearing parts of the pump are the one-way valve and the plunger mud seal. Easy and quick to replace.

Long service life: at least 10-15 years.

Customized production: According to the actual working conditions of each user, flexible configuration, customized products most suitable for customer production needs.

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