XMZ High Pressure Wing Filter Press

The reinforced polypropylene plate is moulded. Smooth surface, high strength, light weight, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, non-toxic and tasteless. The frame adopts high strength steel welding joint, high strength, stable structure and long service life. It is equipped with automatic drawing board, automatic solution, PLC automatic control, simple and safe operation, and equipped with a variety of safety devices. The guide rail of the main beam is equipped with a molded anticorrosive stainless steel track. 

Additional Information

Product Features

1. Simple structure, beautiful shape, simple operation.

2. Large processing capacity, good filtering effect, small?footprint, stable operation and convenient maintenance.

3. The filter area? has a flexible selection range and strong adaptability to materials.

4. Adopt the variable frequency motor pull plate, the high quality hydraulic component, PLC automatic control program, the frame adopts the high strength steel welding, the main beam has the strong resistance to bending, the service life is long. 

Product Structure

Model Description

Product Principle

1、 Pressure filter plate2、Feeding process3、 Pressure filtration process4、 Filter plate discharging

Operate the hydraulic system to move the tail plate towards the head plate and press all the filter plates between the head plate and the tail plate. Thus, a hollow sealed filter chamber is formed between adjacent filter plates. 

The feed pump carries the mud from the feed hole in the stern plate to the filter chamber. 

When the filter chamber is filled with mud, the pressure of the feed pump is used to separate solid from liquid. In the early stage of the pressure filter, the thickness of the filter cake in the filter chamber is not big, the resistance of the filter cake is small, and the dehydration speed is fast. As the thickness of the filter cake increases and the resistance increases, the pressure filter speed decreases. The time required for the filtration process shall be determined according to the filtration characteristics and technological requirements of the mud. When the specified filtration time is reached, the feeding shall be stopped and the filtration process shall be completed. 

Operate the hydraulic system, return the head plate to the original position, drive and pull the transmission chain on the device, pull the filter plate successively, the filter cake falls off with the help of self-weight, and is carried away by the lower conveyor or transport truck. 

Product Parameters

Disc Filter Press

Diaphragm Filter Press


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