ZP-L Intelligent Hydraulic Plunger Pump

ZP-L series hydraulic plunger pump is specially designed for long-distance slurry conveying. Hydraulic driven plunger can realize high head and large flow. The pump adopts the lifting valve technology, the opening and closing of the inlet and outlet valve and the synchronous coordination of the reciprocating operation of the plunger up and down make the plunger pump run more reliable, greatly improve the delivery efficiency, reduce the operating power of the plunger pump, lower energy consumption. Suitable for conveying high concentration slurry over a long distance. 

Additional Information

Product Features

1. Anti-corrosion and wear-resisting: the plunger is made of alumina ceramic after fine grinding. The hardness is above HRC8.5 and the surface roughness is 0.4um. The plunger and conveying material have no shear movement and conveying material has a wide range. 

2. Strong self-priming ability: Plunger type vacuum, 3-5 meters self-priming ability. (The specific gravity of the material determines the suction change). 

3. High pressure: the use of lifting valve technology, can be long distance transport slurry. 

4. Simple and flexible operation: flow and head can be adjusted according to the actual situation. 

5. Intelligence: The whole equipment operation adopts PLC control. 

Product Structure

Product Parameters


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