Outdoor Dust Suppression System

Automatic spray dust system is made by high pressure jet water mist over a long distance, has reached the dust, dust suppression effect, using automated industrial control system, automatic rotation, centered on column makes water cannons spray can rotate 360 degrees, can also according to the requirements provided for Angle rotating spray, dust suppression effect is obvious, with a range of effective control, flexible use, have very strong practicability. 

Additional Information

1.LCD smart display: microco mputer mode, higher accuracy, very low failure rate, long service life. 

2. frequency conversion system: system pressure stability, energy saving, constant pressure is not easy to block. 

3. Imported motor and water pump: Siemens motor and German pump are adopted, with stable performance and strong power. 

4. stainless steel water tank and stainless steel tube: adopt 304 stainless steel, the case can be disassembled, easy to replace. 

5.Extended nozzle: To reduce congestion. 

Product Parameters


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