Intelligent Low-Pressure Powder Conveying System

This scheme is designed for the powder conveying scheme of a single low-pressure screw air compressor. The air compressor is installed in the machine room and compressed by pipes directly. 

Additional Information

1. Industry-specific design: 

For the mixing plant research and development of building materials low-pressure sewage design scheme, super oil system, unique water removal process design, colleagues eliminated the industrial screw machine is not suitable for the process. 

2. Low noise: 

Effectively eliminate the biggest noise source in the concrete station production site -- diesel engine and tilting air compressor, the noise emission measured in the center of the mixing station is between 58-63 db, in line with the national standard of 70 db and below, for the concrete station and the surrounding people's production and life to create a quiet office environment. 

3. Exhaust air completely dehydrates: 

In order to adapt to the industry anhydrous requirements, a unique technology is adopted. The exhaust temperature is 82-91 degrees, and the moisture in the air is removed to truly achieve the air relative humidity of 0, water content of 0 (total anhydrous), and the whole system does not need to add additional gas storage tank and cold dryer. So as to avoid the increase of the water removal equipment can not completely remove the water problem. 

4. Stable and reliable quality:

Adopt special low-voltage technology imported from Germany screw main machine, intelligent electrical control system, can run continuously for 24 hours, designed service life of 30 years, the main machine warranty for 2 years, no wearing parts, more durable, more suitable for the mixing station's special working conditions and environment. 

5. High efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving:

The fuel consumption of traditional models is replaced by electric energy, and the conveying efficiency is increased by more than 30%. The measured blowing capacity is 1.2t /min, which greatly reduces the conveying cost and truly achieves high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving. 

Applicable Industry

Cement transfer depot, concrete mixing station environmental protection special external gas source, calcium oxide plant, ore powder plant, construction site, can ship unloading, grain and other powder conveying industry. 

Advantages: no water, fast gas, high efficiency, can withstand high pressure, ultra-low noise, can work continuously for 24 hours. 

System Diagram

Product Parameters


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