XMZ High Pressure Wing Filter Press

Reinforced polypropylene sheet is molded. Smooth surface , high strength, light weight, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, non-toxic and tasteless. The frame is made of high strength steel, with high strength, stable structure and long service life. Equipped with automatic pull plate , automatic liquid connection , PLC automatic control, simple and safe operation, with a variety of safety devices. The main beam guide rail surface is equipped with anti-corrosion and wear-resistant stainless steel track. 

Additional Information

1. Simple structure, beautiful shape and simple operation. 

2. Large processing capacity, good filtering effect, small footprint, stable operation and convenient maintenance. 

3. Flexible filter area and strong adaptability to materials. 

4. using frequency conversion motor pull plate, high quality hydraulic components, PLC automatic control program, frame with high strength steel welding, strong bending resistance, long service life. 

Product Parameters


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