SY-FG30F Concrete Reclaimer(All-in-one Machine, Split Machine)

CHF series gravel separator (integrated machine) is mainly composed of sand separation device, stone separation device, conveying device and other parts.

Additional Information

SY-FG30F Concrete Reclaimer (All-in-one Machine)

1.Large handling capacity.

2.Low sand content in slurry water. 

3.The inner built washing spray, the aggregate is much cleaner. 

4.Belt Conveyor and stranding dragon feeding, high stacking height. 

SY-FG30F Concrete Reclaimer (Split Machine)

1. handle generous amount ability. 

2. the amount of sand in the slurry water is small. 

3. the body built-in cleaning spray, sand and stone surface cleaner. slope platform design. 

5. equipment equipped with fine sand separation device-cyclone separator. 

Product Parameters


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