Vigorously promote the airtight upgrading and transformation of concrete mixing plants to help win the battle of pollution prevention and control

2021-07-29 11:26:26 浙江森友环保成套设备有限公司 Viewd 1187

In order to further strengthen the control of dust pollution and improve air quality, the District Housing and Urban-Rural Development Committee has vigorously promoted the airtight upgrade and transformation of concrete mixing plants, and carried out special inspections on the implementation of green production of ready-mixed concrete mixing plants, actively promoting the development of environmental quality in the jurisdiction, and assisting the development of environmental protection. Win the battle of pollution prevention and control, and contribute to the creation of a national civilized city in our district.

Recently, the person in charge of the relevant work of the District Housing and Construction Committee came to Beijing Yanjian Hengyuan Concrete Co., Ltd. to carry out a special inspection of the green production implementation of the ready-mixed concrete mixing plant. The inspectors strictly followed the environmental protection inspection system and checked the enterprise qualification certificate, the staff qualification certificate and the surveying and mapping data of the factory. After listening to the report from the person in charge of the company on the completion of the plant's closed renovation project, the reporter followed the inspectors to the production area and saw that the entire production area had been completely moved to the newly built large confined space, and there were sprinkling and dust suppression vehicles on the periphery. jobs. Indoor spraying is carried out continuously, successfully minimizing the possible dust pollution caused by various specifications of production materials.

It is understood that at this stage, many concrete mixing plants in our district have actively assumed social responsibilities, practiced the concept of ecological civilization, strictly followed the renovation standards, and carried out the closed upgrading and renovation projects in an orderly manner. They will soon be put into production and use with a new look.