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Medium Water Process Treatment System

With the development of engineering construction in China, concrete will be widely used and occupy an extremely important position in the construction industry

However, environmental protection problems caused by concrete sewage discharge are becoming more and more obvious, and it is difficult to meet market demand. In addition, environmental protection calls at home and abroad are rising.

This project conforms to the needs of market development. The fully automated neutralization treatment system for alkaline sewage of concrete mixing plant developed by the concrete mixing plant can realize the secondary use of sewage, eliminate environmental pollution problems, and improve the utilization rate of concrete, which has a broad market prospect

The significance of realizing waste water recycling and reuse

Effect Of Waste Water From Mixing Plant On Concrete Performance And Recycling

The recycling of wastewater from the concrete mixing plant not only has good economic benefits for the enterprise, but also has good social benefits.

Avoid the harm of high pH wastewater to the water used in the mixing plant and the impact on the quality of concrete, and achieve full utilization of wastewater recycling, and truly achieve zero discharge of wastewater from the mixing plant.

Technological Innovation


Green and environmentally

friendly mixing plant wastewater solution

Improve the economic benefits of the mixing plant, while reducing the environmental damage caused by sewage

The Medium Water Process Treatment System is mainly composed of electronic automatic control system, compressed gas storage tank, air temperature vaporizer, gas automatic control solenoid valve, neutralization reactor, PH high-precision online detector, radar level meter, hydraulic intelligent plunger pump , Sewage filter press and other components.