Gantry Car Washing Machine

VC series mixer automatic cleaning device is mainly composed of spray frame, nozzle, high pressure water pump and so on.Divided into two types of Gantry car washing machine and swing car washing machine.Its main function is to clean the feed port, wheel, chass is and body of the mixer. Through washing, dirt and dust of the cleaning parts and unsolidified cement can be effectively removed, avoiding the impact of the residual concrete of the mixer on the environment. 

Additional Information

1. Wash the stuff and dust on truck body,tire and chassis effectively. 

2. Stainless steel nozzle, not rust, anti-clogging, corrosion-resistant, unique three-dimensional jet design, cover the whole body. 

3. PLC control, infrared sense, water saving, electric saving. 

4. It could be designed according to customer's requirement or actual site condition. 

Product Parameters


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