Mortar Consistency Detector

Slurry densimeter is a continuous, real-time on-line sensor for measuring fluid density concentration in a pipeline. It is used for process control with density / concentration as the primary control parameter of the final product, or indicators for other quality control parameters such as solid percentage or concentration percentage. 

Additional Information

1.Not Easy to block, corrosion resistance, easy to clean. 

2.To solve the problems of gas and crystallization, large.

3.viscosity liquid design problems. Fully integrated digital measurement for monitoring and control. 

4.Industrial protection grade, low installation cost. 

5.Fully welded structure, long service life. 

6.Full explosion-proof design, suitable for all kinds of environment, easy installation and low cost. 

7.Internet of things module, through the public cloud login platform, can find historical data. 

Product Parameters


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