Spray Dust Removal Equipment

The high-pressure plunger pump is used to raise the water pressure to a certain pressure, and then the pressurized water is atomized by the professional nozzle through the high-pressure transmission pipeline, producing micro-fog particles, so that it can quickly absorb heat from the air to complete the gasification and diffusion, thus achieving the purpose of air dust removal. 

Additional Information

1. LCD smart display: microcomputer mode, with higher accuracy, low failure rate and long service life. 

2. Frequency conversion system: system pressure is stable, energy saving and constant pressure are not easily blocked. 

3. Imported motor and water pump: imported Siemens motor and German pump, with stable performance and strong driving force. 

4. Stainless steel tank and stainless steel pipe: 304 stainless steel is adopted, the chassis is detachable and convenient for replacement. 

5. Extended nozzle: reduce the blockage. 

Product Parameters


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