ZD-30 Concrete Reclaimer(Integral Vibrating Screen)

ZD-30 sand separator using vibration motor excitation to be the vibration power source,the material is tossed on the screen and moved forward in a straight line. The material is discharged through a special screen high strength vibrating screen. It has the characteristics of low energy consumption, high output, simple structure, easy maintenance, open structure, automatic material arrangement, etc. It is suitable for the concrete mixing station waste material and residual material treatment. 

Additional Information

1. New linear vibration screening technology, separation of concrete cleaner and faster, content cavity using large capacity design, suitable for generous treatment. 

2. Unique baffle plate design, change the direction of water flow, extend the travel of water flow, greatly reduce the sand content of overflow port. 

3. Automatic intelligent control, simple operation. 

4. Open design, easy to maintain equipment. 

Product Parameters


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